CCC (UE) is capable to provide clients worldwide with a complete solution to undertake offshore operations, from inspection and repair to the installation of subsea assets. With over 30 years of experience in the offshore industry, CCC (UE) has established a proud reputation of delivering services in a safe and professional manner.

By owning and operating assets covering a wide variety of services, CCC (UE) can offer an efficient and economical solution with uncompromised performance and dependability, with capacity to work down to depths of 3,000m.

Due to the ever growing resources of the company, CCC (UE) has the ability to deliver to a client either an individual service as a sub-contractor, or a number of services grouped together as the main contractor, in so being CCC (UE) is a single source solution provider for the offshore industry.

The services which CCC (UE) is able to provide worldwide are as follows:

Commercial Diving Services

CCC (UE) is able to provide diving services covering the three commercial diving categories depending on the required water depth of operation, these being: Air, Mixed Gas and Saturation. All systems are modular in design and can be mobilized onto a client supplied vessel via road transportation.


Remotely Operated Vehicles

CCC (UE) holds and maintains a broad inventory of ROVs (remotely operated underwater vehicles), ranging from the small observation class vehicle up-to the work class vehicles with capacity to work down to 3,000m. Company’s ROV systems are predominantly for deployment aboard our own vessels, but also as equipment or service rental packages, depending on the client or project requirement.

Marine Vessels

CCC (UE) currently owns and operates three multi-purposes subsea vessels, with a fourth vessel scheduled for delivery in Q1 2018. All vessels are compliant with current SPS codes and have sufficient references to operate on DP for either diving, construction or ROV operations.


Survey Services

CCC (UE) survey team consists of a wide range of competence from hydrographic surveying, pipeline/platform inspections and surface/sub-surface positioning. CCC (UE) offers in-house expert staff for both onshore and offshore, to support all phases of a project execution, from planning, mobilization and data acquisition, to final reporting.

All of the CCC (UE) owned vessels are permanently equipment with a dedicated survey suite to support operations, as and when required.

Trenching Services

CCC (UE), currently owns and operates a SMD tracked trenching machine capable of trenching 3m MBR power cable to 1.25m depth in hard ground ranging from very stiff clay to rock in shoreline, shallow water and up to 1,000m depth.


I.R.M. Services

CCC (UE) is able to provide an extensive range of pipeline, subsea structure and other diver or diver-less subsea, repair and maintenance services down to water depths of 3,000m. From routine, ongoing inspections and maintenance to emergency repairs, CCC (UE) has an established record of providing efficient and economical I.R.M. services to its clients.

Cable/Flexible Laying Services

Utilising the companies owned and operated vessels, CCC (UE) is able to offer cable laying services, for a variety of lengths and water depths, particularly shallow water operations. CCC (UE) can offer clients a complete set of in-house services related to cable laying operations, from route planning and surveying through to cable trans-pooling, laying, trenching, cable testing and termination.


Subsea Installation Services

CCC (UE) is able to provide its clients with a solid base of experience of sub-sea installation activities. With customized solutions and the flexibility to select the most suitable assets and installation methodology ensuring a safe and cost effective offshore solution.

Subsea Remediation Services

CCC (UE) provides a turnkey solution for subsea free span correction and rectification works. We offer either diver or diver-less solutions to undertake free span correction and subsea grouting operations. CCC (UE) employ well equipped and highly skilled technicians, and operate the most modern and effective equipment, designed to work at various depths and conditions to meet client requirements.